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A.) images/bullet2.gifBuild Specs - Intel Z170 + I7-7600K CPU... Print in Landscape Mode (5/11/2016)
B.) images/bullet2.gifHandouts - Docs & Notes
C.) images/bullet2.gifWindows 7 Comparison Chart

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images/bullet2.gifWed 8-3-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 8-10-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 8-17-2016: Diagnosing GPT Protective Partition + Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 8-24-2016: Drones, Hot Swap & Networking Win10 + Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 8-31-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 9-07-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 9-14-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 9-21-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 9-28-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 10-05-2016: Q&A
images/bullet2.gifWed 10-12-2016: Q&A
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BuildOrBuy Internals:

  1. Infonautics GMBH - Directory List & Print - Free and Pro Version

  2. Joe Whinery's Custom Kodi Setup & Kodi Libraries Instructions - Kodi scripts verified!

  3. Ed Hanson's Kodi Links

  4. Windows 10 ISO - Download the Tool, from

  5. Storm Watch Resources

  6. Video Camera Comparison Chart

Our Weekly Meeting Room Date & Location:
We meet in the Fair Haven UMC Fellowship Hall!
Every Wed, Noon to 3:00 PM!
We start PC Help & Troubleshooting from 10:00 AM to Noon
- By Appointment Only!

Fair Haven United Methodist Church


Our Two Major Projects are now completed - We now have better Internet Access - 50Mbps through Comcast Business & a DLP Video Projector - 1080 HDMI! And... a Large Screen - 150 inch diagonal! Thanks to All for your Continued Support of BuildOrBuy!

BuildOrBuy was's largest Special Interest Group. We would love to have you Join Us! [no dues, no fees, no kidding!] Stay tuned!


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Today's Technology News... Talking Points - For Discussion!

   Tuesday, August 23, 2016  

  1. Shop AMD - Promotions "Check out these exclusive deals on AMD Back-to-School Technology!"
  2. Fathom Drone "The Fathom One will go live on August 30th!" (8-23-2016)
  3. Linker 4K60 444 600MHz Fix HDCP Error and Solve Connecting issues (8-23-2016)
  4. RedShark News - The momentum behind 4K is now unstoppable (8-22-2016)
  5. Digital Trends - Lexar Explains All You Need to Know about Memory Cards (8-22-2016)
  6. TechConnect - Windows 10 browser beatdown Who’s got the edge (8-22-2016)
  7. - Laptop - Review Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile (Asus ROG G752VS) Posted 8-16-2016 (8-22-2016)
  8. From Milt Gugenheim - Bing - Announcing the new Microsoft Rewards (8-22-2016)
  9. Digital Trends - How to Get Google Earth Pro for Free (8-20-2016)
  10. Digital Trends - Lithium Metal Batteries Could Offer More Power (8-19-2016)
  11. Digital Trends - AMD Strikes Back with Zen Details at IDF (Intel Dev Forum) Posted 8-18-2016 (8-19-2016)
  12. YouTube - PTZOptics - PoE Power Over Ethernet Camera Solutions with Texas Wifi - EP 34 PTZOptics reviews new PoE solutions - Interviewing Wifi-Texas a company that makes PoE (Power over Ethernet) solutions, [Plus] sneak peak at  new Auto Tracking camera!"
    1. WS-PoE-Tester-Detector - Inline tester for power over ethernet 
  13. opentechguides - Change network type from Public to Private in Windows 10
  14. PCWorld - Intel doubles down on Project Alloy as the savior of the PC Posted 8-17-2016 (8-19-2016)
  15. RedShark News - How to make a 4K video without a 4K video camera Posted 8-9-2016 (8-19-2016)
  16. RedShark News - If the GPU is now king of the modern workstation, does that mean the CPU is dead Posted 8-17-2016 (8-19-2016)
  17. PCWorld - AMD shows its Zen CPU can compete with Intel’s best - "The first two Zens will feature an 8-core consumer chip and a 32-core server chip. Summit Ridge is targeted for Q1 2017..." (8-18-2016)
  18. From Jim Fallon - PCWorld - Zen Q&A with AMD's CTO 'We’re bringing competition back to high-performance x86' (8-18-2016)
  19. From Duane Hendricks - Hack a Backdoor into Windows 10
    1. Hack the Sticky Keys Feature to Reset a Forgotten Windows Password Posted 8-13-2010 (8-18-2016)
    2. Reset Lost Windows 10 Password with Sticky Keys Method Password Recovery Posted 5-26-2016 (8-18-2016)
  20. From David Crook - Home Theater Geeks TWiT
  21. From Joe Whinery,  "Samsung TV - HD Disconnect Creates GPT Protective Partition. To prevent - Have Samsung TV Disconnect Drive before removing drive."
    1. Seagate - Troubleshooting GPT Protective Partition Issues 
    2. Windows 10 hardware dev - Windows and GPT FAQ "...You can migrate data-only GPT disks after the system has been shutdown or after the safe removal of the disk."
  22. Seagate Pushes Data Capacity Boundaries With Industry-First 2TB M.2 Enterprise SSD Posted 7-26-2016 (8-17-2016)
    1. Seagate - Nytro XF1440 and XM1440 NVMe Solid State Drives (8-17-2016)
  23. YouTube - Star Trek Television Logo and First Look Teaser Revealed - New Series On CBS 2017 Posted 5-18-2016 (8-16-2016)
    1. - Star Trek Discovery
  24. From Milt Gugenheim - PCWorld - Windows 7 and 8.1 updates switching to cumulative monthly rollups starting in October (8-16-2016)
  25. GeForce GTX 10-Series Notebooks GeForce (8-16-2016)

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